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SERCO Pump Services is an industrial service company with 15 years of experience in pump reconditioning. We’re experts in pumps, but we also handle an array of power equipment like pulper rotors, extraction plates, gearboxes, hydraulic cylinders, mixers, agitators, blowers, feeders, and more.

Pump Reconditioning Experts

We are a small company of trusted experts with big-company capabilities. Most of us at SERCO have worked for more than 30 years in the machine and power industries. You can trust us for new parts, surplus, or repairs for a full range of equipment, including pump reconditioning.

With a devotion to customers and an impeccable skill set, SERCO simply outdoes the competition.

Experience and Top-Notch Facilities

We have the experience and expertise to suggest and deliver design improvements to pump performance and efficiency and system longevity.

SERCO runs an efficient enterprise with distinct spaces for our widespread shop capabilities. We have separate shops for machine work, millwright, and welding. This organization reduces the clutter and confusion that slows down some other repair shops.
We get and keep your equipment running, reduce downtime, and increase efficiency.


  • Surplus

    SERCO has a comprehensive stock of parts and complete pump assesmblies ready for sale. Customers can purchase “as is” or reconditioned with a warranty.

  • Parts Repair

    Our quality-control department inspects every part we handle in our repair shops. We thoroughly check each part against an AutoCAD drawing and will not let a job go until we know it’s right.

• Horizontal split-case pumps
• Makeup liquor pumps
• Vertical lifts
• Mixers
• Agitators
• End suction pumps
• Foil-blade rotors
• Extraction plates
• Thick-stock pumps
• Rotary feeders
• Blowers
• Vacuum pumps
• Felt rolls
• Reel spools
• Pulper Rotors


SERCO can cast and dynamically balance machine parts for your individualized needs and requirements. Our quality control is incomparable.


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