Repair Services

Balancing Services

SERCO Balance Machines
We have a specialized Schenk 5,000-lb hard-bearing machine, which works on two planes, to balance small rotating equipment like rotating elements, impellers, screen rotors, fans, and more.

We have a larger 10,000-lb Schenk machine to balance bigger and longer equipment such as reel spool rolls, rubber rolls, big rotating elements, and many others.

Both machines balance to G 1.0 specifications and print complete balance reports to our customers.

Specialty Services

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating increases the life of equipment involved in heavy-wash or abrasive applications. The process avoids future and more costly pump repairs. SERCO offers different coating types to protect your equipment. Strong putty is for washed-out areas ineligible for welding. We apply and smooth the putty to specified areas, harden the putty, and then apply liquid ceramic for smoother flow.

If the part is not washed but needs greater longevity and strength, we apply the liquid ceramic, which we do for all new parts. Another coating option is machinable putty for areas needed to machine and/or match mating parts. SERCO uses this method for materials ineligible for welding like ductile iron or cast iron.

Let SERCO coat your parts for increased longevity.

Information on ceramic liquid

Information on ceramic putty


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