Repair Services


Balancing Services

SERCO Balance Machines
We have a specialized Schenk 5,000-lb hard-bearing machine, which works on two planes, to balance small rotating equipment like rotating elements, impellers, screen rotors, fans, and more.

We have a larger 10,000-lb Schenk machine to balance bigger and longer equipment such as reel spool rolls, rubber rolls, big rotating elements, and many others.

Both machines balance to G 1.0 specifications and print complete balance reports to our customers.

Equipment Repair

Equipment and Pump Repairs

SERCO offers equipment and pump repairs on the following:

• Split-case pumps
• Makeup-liquor pumps
• Screens
• Air Locks
• Truck-dump cylinders
• Detrashers
• Back Pullouts
• Gear boxes
• Thick-stock pumps
• Blowers
• Agitators
• Rotary feeders
• End-suction pumps
• Extraction plates
• Reject sorters
• Refiners
• Vertical pumps
• Pulper rotors
• Vertical-lift pumps
• Mixers
• Pulper rotors
• Reel spools
• Felt rolls
• Rotating elements
SERCO pump and equipment repairs are comprehensive. We have exchange pumps and power ends for many items as well as laydown spares for Warren and Impco thick-stock pumps. Give us a call for your specific needs.

Rebuilding equipment saves you time and money. 

SERCO rebuilds the aforementioned equipment and more. We bring fits back to factory specifications and tolerances. We also modify and upgrade equipment to specific customer specifications. For example, we can apply heat-treated material or coating to extend equipment durability and longevity.

SERCO experts completely evaluate your equipment with a teardown, inspection quote, disassembly report, and recommended parts. We can also help you maximize existing equipment to reduce cost and time. SERCO works with you to get the most for your money.


Machine Services

Our comprehensive machine shop can produce parts as small as little shear pins to turn 102” pulper rotors.

SERCO shop experts have multiple capabilities such as welding and millwrights to make multiple repairs. Parts don’t need to go from one shop to another, saving you time and money.

SERCO contours impellers with our contour machine to match wear plates in casings to customer specifications. When balancing impellers, we print reports and compare with machine drawings before sending the part to our quality-control department.

Our quality-control department inspects each and every part. We check parts against AutoCAD drawings to ensure all elements are to-print. We mark and file drawings for future reference.

If SERCO can’t machine a job for some reason, we have relationships with local shops for further equipment and pump repairs.


Millwright Services

The SERCO millwright department is highly capable in disassembly, assembly, coating, painting, mechanical-seal repair, parts cleaning, and reports with pictures. Quality control and customer satisfaction are our t0p priorities. 

We give each piece of equipment a job number and immediately fill out a disassembly report. We then blast and clean the part, mice for proper size, and note clearances on the report.  Our technicians then send the report to shop estimators for a quote. The disassembly report is available at this point.

When our customers approve the job, our shop planners take over and complete the work. Meanwhile, our millwright foreman orders new parts including seals, mechanical seal, O-rings, gaskets, and fasteners. Finally, all parts go back to our millwright shop, where technicians rebuild the part with new bearings and seals.

We complete a final assembly report, including photographs, and save the report for future reference. All clearances and tolerances are from OEM-repair manuals and proper charts for bearings. SERCO is your one-stop shop for equipment and pump repairs.


Welding Services

SERCO uses various methods to weld a variety of materials including:

300-series stainless
Duplex stainless
400-series stainless

SERCO welders are trained in MIG, TIG, and stick welding.

We use water jets for fabrication to improve fit and appearance after machining and painting.
All SERCO welders have extensive experience in the aforementioned methods and materials, especially titanium.

Specialty Services

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating increases the life of equipment involved in heavy-wash or abrasive applications. The process avoids future and more costly pump repairs. SERCO offers different coating types to protect your equipment. Strong putty is for washed-out areas ineligible for welding. We apply and smooth the putty to specified areas, harden the putty, and then apply liquid ceramic for smoother flow.

If the part is not washed but needs greater longevity and strength, we apply the liquid ceramic, which we do for all new parts. Another coating option is machinable putty for areas needed to machine and/or match mating parts. SERCO uses this method for materials ineligible for welding like ductile iron or cast iron.

Let SERCO coat your parts for increased longevity.

Information on ceramic liquid

Information on ceramic putty

Exchange Pumps

Exchange Pumps

SERCO has exchange pumps and back-pullouts for pumps. We are constantly increasing our inventory but currently stock Goulds 3175 S,M & L and 3196 ST, MX, XLT power ends. If you need another type of exchange pump, SERCO will provide it. We prepare all pumps for longterm storage with a specialized gas to prevent rust in the bearings, which prevents future pump repairs.


SERCO does any special fabrication you need, from pump bases to handrails. We simply create plans from customer information or drawings.
We’ll also draw any job you need, apply it to AutoCAD, and then produce the part per customer specifications.
We expedite fabrication jobs with the following specialized equipment:
• Pipe benders
• Hydraulic press
• Water jets
• Cutting torches
• Gouging machines
Metal Locking

Metal Locking

SERCO organizes metal locking on cast-iron parts with large cracks ineligible for welding or other repairs. 
Metal locking involves drilling and tapping holes along the crack so screws can hold equipment together. For example, we’d recommend this technique for a casing cracked from stress of bolts and over-tightening or for a vertical pump bowl cracked from a log being sucked into the inlet and hit hard on shroud.
Metal locking is a dependable technique we’ve commissioned countless times from dependable, local vendors.


Storage Operation

Storage Operation

SERCO uses a unique procedure, which isn’t done by many repair shops or even OEMs, to protect equipment during longterm storage. 
Serco uses Air Breathers that have special pellets inside to pull moisture from the bearing housing to prevent rust.


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